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Get to our egg substitute

myEgg is an egg substitute in a liquid form. Vegan egg is a product created for everyone who, for different reasons, wants to exclude hen eggs from their diet.

Are you a vegan? Do you follow a restricted diet? You must try myEgg and see how easy it is to replace traditional hen eggs.

Get to know myEgg

It’s tasty! The taste doesn’t differ from hen egg

Get to know myEgg

Easy to prepare

Get to know myEgg

Contains high levels of complete fiber

Get to know myEgg

It’s 100% plant-based so it’s suitable for vegans

What is myegg made of?

Vegan egg substitute myEgg was created in such a way that its nutritional value is as close as possible to that of hen egg’s. What can we find inside?

  • Hemp seeds –  In the composition of myEgg’s formula, we used the seeds of Cannabis sativa L., or hemp seed. The protein in hemp seeds contains all the essential amino acids. In addition, hemp seeds provide unsaturated fatty acids and contain an ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 acids (3:1). This is particularly important for cardiovascular health.
  • Pea protein –  is a source of essential amino acids and has high digestibility. It perfectly complements the amount of essential amino acids from hemp seeds. This makes myEgg a source of complete and well-absorbed protein.
  • Inulin – is a type of dietary fiber that acts as a prebiotic. It is a substance that promotes the favorable development of normal bacterial flora in the intestines, and thus benefits health.
  • Kala Namak black salt – contains sulfur compounds that give an intense egg flavor. Thanks to black salt, our vegan eggs replicate the flavor of their standard counterparts.

How to prepare vegan egg substitute myEgg?

myEgg is a vegan egg substitute that will help you prepare a delicious breakfast such as scrambled eggs, pancakes or pancakes. It will also work well as an egg substitute in both sweet and savory baked goods

How to prepare à la scrambled eggs? Just shake the bottle, pour it on a hot pan with oil and fry it like traditional scrambled eggs! Season to taste as desired.

It’s really very simple – not only for scrambled eggs, but also for other dishes that include eggs in the recipe. Use vegan eggs and forget about the difficulties of cooking.

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