Italian eggless pasta

Italian cuisine has a great number of fans and for many, Italian pasta without eggs is a dream. It is one of the essential elements of this cuisine. Pasta-based dishes are valued not only for their taste but also for the simplicity of their preparation. In stores, shelves overflow with various shapes and types of pasta. For lovers of home cooking, we recommend preparing Italian pasta from scratch.

Homemade pasta

To prepare pasta yourself, a pasta-cutting machine will be useful. With it, you can very easily obtain pasta dough of the desired thickness. Using the right slicer, you can produce pasta of the desired shape, such as tagliatelle or spaghetti. On the market, you can find automatic ones and at a slightly lower price – manual pasta machines.

Homemade pasta can also be prepared without using dedicated equipment. All you need to do is roll out the finished dough thinly on a pastry board and then use a knife to cut out the noodle shape of your dreams. Hand-cut noodles will go well with soups such as broth, tomato soup, or even fruit soup.

The finished homemade noodles can be dried, for example, in a mushroom dryer or oven or spread out on a pastry board. This is a great way to store leftover pasta. You can reach for it when hunger strikes and cook it just like classic pasta from the store.

Recipe for homemade Italian pasta without eggs


  • 100g type 00 wheat flour
  • 2,5g salt
  • 60g myEgg

The most important rule when making Italian pasta is that for every 100g of flour you need 1 egg (which equals 50-60g of myEgg).


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Then knead the mixture for about 15 minutes on a pastry board. Wrap the dough in plastic and put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  2. After this time, remove the dough and knead for about 5 minutes. Using a pasta machine, roll out the dough to the desired thickness and then cut out shapes, such as tagliatelle.
  3. Cook the pasta for 2 minutes in salted boiling water. Serve the finished pasta with pesto, olive oil, such as aglio e olio or other sauce.