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The beginnings of myEgg

Our story begins in 2019 when four friends from uni got together and despite different business interests, decided to cook up something groundbreaking together.


Inspired by the growing popularity of plant-based food products and their benefits to health and planet, we started working on an innovative product that might turn the Polish market upside down. After hours and hours of brainstorms and deep analyses we arrived at the decision to create myEgg:plant-based hen egg substitute in a liquid form.

About us

We wanted to create a tasty product that will serve as a close substitute to hen egg not only for vegans and vegetarians.”

~ Michał  “Misza” Piosik, co-founder of myEgg

Back when we were starting there was not much going on on the egg substitute market. Since 2019 weve been working on the product that would meet our expectations. To achieve that we needed to analyse the qualities of many ingredients and conducted countless tests of different recipes. Those 3 years of intense work had their ups and downs, all of which brought us to the desired final product myEgg.

About us

We had an ambitious goal to create a product with a wide range of uses, taste of which will entice anyone and that will contain high levels of complete protein.”

~ Arek Kleszcz, CEO of myEgg

We want to develop a stable company offering a wide range of whole foods that have a positive impact on the environment. Our dream is a broad portfolio full of products that in their original recipe use hen eggs.


In 2022 myEgg was awarded the title of Positive Influence Startup in the report  Startupy Pozytywnego Wpływu. Ekosystem zmiany

During the conference Plant-Powered Perspectives 2022 organized by RoślinnieJemy in the Plant-Powered Pitching competition myEgg took 2nd place.

In the 2nd edition of the ING programme for startups and scientists the jury awarded myEgg with honorable mention for the plant-based egg substitute.

Our vision

We believe that our everyday foos choices can affect greenhouse gas emissions and the level of the environment degradation. Including plant-based products in one’s diet while avoiding zoonotic products improves living conditions for us and future generations. Egg substitute myEgg is a solution that will make it easier to consume plant-based meals more often.

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